A Reverse Mortgage can help you weather life’s experiences …

My Reverse Mortgage

A year after my husband passed away; I took a much needed look at my finances and future. I was 61 years old, self-employed, and, like millions of others, I was facing an uncertain economy. I also was dealing with the loss of my husband’s income.  I learned about Reverse Mortgages at a workshop and decided that applying would be a smart move for me when I turned 62. The proceeds from a Reverse Mortgage would bridge the gap until I qualified for Social Security and, it made it possible to leave my savings untouched. Once the Reverse Mortgage was in place, I put some of the proceeds in a money market fund as a safety net, paid off some bills and the balance was invested- so the earnings offset most of the cost of the Reverse Mortgage. Plus, my home will certainly appreciate in the coming years. It is so great, feeling financially secure three years later, knowing that I can stay in my  own, have no mortgage payments, and continue to work and live the lifestyle we moved to Florida to have. I have peace of mind now, and know that in the future, when I would like to downsize, I can use a Reverse Mortgage again. Safety and planning was the key for me, Reverse Mortgage Associates was my choice. They have decades of experience in banking and finance, and are local people I can trust.

Punta Gorda

“We have been enjoying our Reverse Mortgage for 9 yrs. now … we even refinanced to increase our monthly cash benefits when our house appreciated – It was the best decision we’ve ever made!”

Veri and Doris,
Venice, FL

“I was looking for more financial security. .. my Reverse Mortgage ..gives me that, and also extra money for home repair and travel.”

Punta Gorda

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